Answers sought re city council possible consideration of killing question period

I went to the city council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 13 — It’s my bi-monthly fun time!
Question period came at the end of the meeting, as normal.
Only me asking questions. That is bad! Where are the taxpayers? Does no one care? But wait!
Oh boy, here is a high school teacher (James Kostachuk) who says that this is his very first question to council. Bravo!
Oopsie. The question (he asks) to the mayor and council (is) would (council) consider scrapping Question Period. The Mayor (answered with)  a resounding “yes”!
Change the law! Shut them up! Oh, dear.
Softball questions lobbed to an elected official never look good, chaps.
And shame on a high school teacher who wants to shut down debate and interest in civic affairs.
And he, a  regular (provincial NDP) candidate in elections. Is this an official NDP policy position or a high school example of hubris?

Any answers, monsieurs Ferris and Kostachuk?

Bill Knott

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