Brian Pallister is out of touch with rural families

For three years, Brian Pallister has taken rural Manitobans for granted while making some of the deepest cuts to services that rural Manitobans rely on.

He’s closing 23 rural ambulance stations while cutting millions from rural RHAs and cancelling important projects like the Lac du Bonnet personal care home. He has ordered the closure of the Selkirk laundry cutting 40 good jobs in the process, cut hours for doctors at Selkirk emergency room while slashing millions from programs that help recruit rural doctors. What’s more, Pallister has said he will close rural emergency rooms across the province if he gets the chance.

Pallister froze support for municipalities while cutting programs that help build roads and bridges across the province. And he is undermining essential health care services by privatizing the LifeFlight air ambulance rural families rely on when emergencies strike.

It’s clear the only way Pallister can distract from his record of cuts to health care for rural Manitobans is by making false attacks against his opponents. But rural Manitobans know his government has done nothing while canola and pork producers hurt from global trade wars and beef producers suffer from a lack of feed for their herds.

Wab Kinew and Manitoba’s NDP know health care is the number one priority of Manitobans. That’s why we are committed to making real investments in health care across the province so every family—no matter their postal code– can enjoy the high quality care they deserve. Investments in home care, personal care homes, and front line health care workers, including nurses and nurse practitioners, will improve health care in rural Manitoba. That’s what the NDP committed to in its fully costed platform all Manitobans can see at

We know the best way to make sure rural communities thrive is by smart, strategic investments in the services rural Manitobans need: in health care, education, good jobs and infrastructure. It’s time for a party that won’t take rural Manitobans for granted, for a party that will work for all of us.”
Andrew Podolecki

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