Open letter to Portage la Prairie mayor

Dear Mayor Ferris,

I see, from the Agenda of February 26th council meeting, that a person will be appointed to the library board in place of one who resigned.

I do not question the qualifications of the appointee as I have no idea of them.

I have serious questions of the process.

With what rationale does council just rubber stamp a recommendation of the chair of a city council appointed board?

Was no recruitment done by the city? Or was there?

This, again, points up the inadequate process used by council at its November organizational meetings. That is, no elections, no advertisements for citizens to be considered for council appointments, and persons rubber stamped according to an unknown process.

This is made for cronyism. This is, perhaps, one reason why council meetings are so poorly attended.

No one who is not in the know, can be involved.

A sense of ennui, of not caring, of thinking that only a select group of insiders count, in this city,

may be contributing to lack of interest in council business.

That sense of disengagement is manifested in situations like this. It could be -“No input by “us”.

Therefore, we do not care.

Bill Knott