Decision will cost tourism dollars

As we all know by now, the Fort La Reine Museum released from their employ, Tracey Turner, who in her seven years at the helm of that museum turned it completely around and went from maybe 3,000 visitors per season to over 15,000 last year.

Accolades from around the province came as well with Turner at the helm.  To date no one has received a satisfactory answer from the board of directors of the Fort La Reine Museum as to why they made this decision.

Imagine in the “City of Possibilities” a city supposedly promoting tourism, a few “citizens” sitting on a board decide to make a decision like this that will directly impact “tourism” dollars coming into our city.  The museum was set to open May 10 and here we are (past the May) long weekend and no Fort La Reine Museum?

On May 18, I took a drive to the museum to find a Quebec family in a motor home parked on the approach road to the museum only to find the gates closed and locked.  I stopped to talk to them. They had seen on the web that the museum was to be open and they thought they would stop to visit our ‘star’ marked visitors site only to find it closed?  So I told them the whole story of why it isn’t yet open but should be on their way home?  They backed out and went on their way.  Tourism dollars with them and disappointment on that day.  Will they stop on the way back?

The decision on the part of a few people not to renew the contract of a person who made this museum a tourist attraction again will see the effects soon.  Now we have a shortened season and even shorter visitor’s hours.  For Shelley and I, we thank the board of directors of Fort la Reine Museum for their decision that has helped us make ours, we will not be returning to Fort La Reine Museum because of a decision we feel was, and is, more than inappropriate.  A decision that will directly impact future tourism dollars!

In support of Tracey Turner.  Absolutely!

Ron and Shelley Stewart

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