It’s another busy day and we are wondering how we are going to get everything done on our to-do list.

Get to work on time!

Get the kids ready for school!

What’s for supper!

I have that meeting I am not 100 per cent ready for!

And yet as we lift our heads off our pillows each morning we relish the challenge to put in more than just time until we can greet another morning, we look forward to approaching each day and each little victory we can squeeze from it.

Today you can look forward to possibly squeezing seven victories out of one little item that should be on top of your to-do list. It is the municipal election day in Manitoba. One quick and painless trip to your polling station to vote for a new council and mayor will do two things for you: give you the right to complain for the next four years and to know you did your part — your civic duty — in choosing a council and mayor in a free election.

There’s a fantastic slate of candidates: nine vying for six council seats and two for mayor.

Sadly, voter turnout in municipal elections is rarely above 50 per cent of eligible voters, much lower than turnout in provincial and federal elections.

Municipal policies can have a large impact on wellbeing and yet, with few exceptions, Canadians tend to be less interested in municipal politics than they are in federal or provincial politics.

You can change that today.

Get out and vote!