Let’s throw the party of the century

Ladies and gentlemen in the wake of this storm, let’s grab the headlines that exposed us as a fabulous, warm and grateful little city that anyone would just love to be a part of.

Let’s spend the next month laying large plans for the greatest party Portage la Prairie has ever held. Probably Stride Place should be the location; tons of parking, and possibly to be held on Valentine’s Day!

The event you ask? Well, there are so many people in this town and those who came to help, who would appreciate a profound thank you. It would also be a way to help continue the sense of community that began with caring and helping our neighbours. All the proceeds could go to the Hydro Disability Fund. We’ll need excellent food, a couple of bands at least, two good bartenders, a champagne table with unbelievable desserts, excellent fill-in music, a floor show, great prizes (I will put up a trip), stunning dresses and beautiful cars and a light show. That is just for starters.

We need the participation of all our cultures for drama and colour. That will save the day for us… mountains of gratitude! The ready alternative, of course, is to just do nothing positive after that cataclysmic event and go back to being a town that if we had enough money we would sure move the hell out of! Let’s throw the party of the century!

As I said I would contribute a fantastic trip. I talked to the hydro guys working on Brandon Ave. and they said they would be honoured to be invited. It’s as yet too early as they have lots of work to do, but perhaps February 14 would be perfect. I will help in whatever way I can. Let me know if you think this idea has legs.

As stated by Isobel Mackey, ‘I believe we had a lot to learn before last week’s adventures. I grew up on a farm north of Portage that was directly affected. As a population, we have become far too isolated over the last few years. The rural population was at one time very close-knit and social. Much of that changed with the advent of all of the modern devices and electronics of today. This huge storm brought people together again and many are likely questioning why they became insular in the first place. Hopefully, this gigantic storm will bring back the realization of just how important neighbours are even though they may live miles apart. In a way, this event has also brought attention to the current crime wave and this will result in team building and communication to restore safety to the rural communities.’

Ladies and gentlemen, please agree with me when I say this past storm is a golden opportunity to go down in history as a forward-thinking compassionate and healing community. Few communities ever get such an opportunity.


Don Pelechaty

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