Dear Editor,

With Tracey Turner at the helm, the museum was more than a museum. It wasn’t only buildings with history inside. It included ever changing topical exhibits, informative tours, Meet U with popular sessions, such as stargazing, creative events such as the Ghost Walk that fostered connection and community, interactive theatre with Mystery at the Museum and so many more engaging activities planned for the 2018 session thanks to the vision and ability of Tracey Turner.

People who normally don’t visit museums came back regularly during the season. Tracey brought the museum to life.  It was a gathering place for the community and families and brought the community together. Any exhibits that are at the museum in 2018 are a direct result of Tracey Turner’s vision and innovative planning. What could possibly be better than what the museum already had?

With interested supporters of the museum returning time and time again and attendance up from 3000 to 15,000 over the past seven years, I wonder why the board would choose to change direction. The community will feel a loss. As a member of the museum, I feel the community should have been consulted on the need for a new direction. A group has been formed Friends of the Fort la Reine Museum who will be holding a public meeting Thursday, May 17 at 7 p.m. at Herman Prior Activity Centre, Crocus Room.  The public and supporters of the museum are encouraged to come out and express their concerns, suggestions, and opinions for the future of the Museum.


Linda Omichinski