Politics of fear and division questioned

You have some nerve MP (Immigration Minister Ahmed) Hussen (MP York South-Weston) calling Lisa MacLeod (Ontario MPP community and social services minister) un-Canadian.

These illegal border crossings are being done by people jumping the queue.  You’re trying to make out they are not is outright false. You owe (MacLeod) an apology and every other Canadian you brand as such who dares question your Liberal government over this fiasco.

I am totally fed up by the Liberal government with your false allegations of calling anyone criticizing your inept handling of the immigration crisis made by your PM’s stupid tweets with the usual old Liberal rhetoric–“politics of fear and division, racism, un-Canadian, etc.” I am fed up listening to this crap and so are many other Canadians regardless of what the Liberal lap dogs (CBC for one) say in the media.

You have some gall to attack Ontario when it is bearing the brunt of these illegals crossing the border into Quebec. Why isn’t Trudeau’s home province dealing with these illegals that you choose to let into Canada?

It is a well-known fact that Muslims pray for victory over the unbelievers in mosques across Canada every week.

Are you among them MP Hussen?

Ken Stewart

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