I am responding to Vern May’s column in the Herald Leader Press on June 14, 2018, which was truly astounding.

Mr. May moved to Portage la Prairie and has been the Economic Development Officer (Executive Director of PRED) for approximately 1.5 years. In that time, he has decided that he knows everything better than everyone else in Portage and feels free to preach to us from his newspaper column.

So much so, that if we have questions or disagree with him, he has informed us that we have a disease “where your head is so far up your own butt that you have a crappy outlook on life”.

Additionally, if we don’t agree with his opinions, have our own opinions or want to ask questions on any issues, he has also advised that we are ‘Eeyores’ (aka Jackasses).


How professional and diplomatic that Mr. May, whose salary is paid through funding from taxpayers, thinks that this is an acceptable way to speak to people.

Even more striking is that Vern May reports to and is an employee of the PRED Board. This board is comprised of  Roy Tufford, chairman/RM councillor; Kam Blight, RM reeve; Kevin Blight, RM councillor; Liz Driedger, city councillor; Melissa Draycott, city councillor and Brent Budz, city councillor/deputy mayor. None of these board members, nor Mayor Irvine Ferris, Reeve Kam Blight or the rest of the RM and city council members have seen fit to apologize for the behaviour of their employee. So either they don’t care if he behaves in this manner or they agree with what he has said. Why else would they stay silent and not apologize?

His article and the lack of response from our elected representatives should make it clear to all voters and ratepayers that they think they don’t need to pay any attention to the electorate and want us to sit down and shut up.

Remember what they think of us when any of them ask for your support in the upcoming October election. A healthy community should be able to ask questions, have opinions, and make suggestions. We deserve better and Mr. May and our elected representatives should stop treating us with contempt!


Luanne Anderson