Public not deserving of contempt and condescension from economic development officer: writer

Re: Vern May’s column of June 14, 2018, in The Herald Leader

Is it all the years Vern May spent in the world of wrestling where contempt and condescension are expected when promoting your coming match? What else could possibly explain his attitude towards Portagers’ in his column of June 14, 2018?

It seems you are May’s personal opponent and deserve all his wrath if you dare to speak out with concern to any issue happening locally–particularly if you are in opposition. I realize there are some people in this city who prefer that we act like sheep, follow the oat bucket, and go Baa Baa! “We know what is good for you, do not ask questions, just bleat so we know you’re following.”

Mr. May received the “Rising Star Award” when he had barely taken up his position at PRED. I am bewildered at how one gets such an award when having no “real input” to local development at that time. His tenure then was lacking. Roquette was in the works long before. Was it his premature award that gave May’s ego such a boost that he feels anyone with differing opinions deserve such disdain now?

Contrary to what May and some others feel in Portage, I encourage anyone with an opposing opinion to speak up and not acquiesce to bullying tactics. Write letters–be heard.

Ken Stewart


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