RE: Stride Place suit headed for trial

I guess all of us were awaiting the decision of Justice Edmond regarding whether or not the City and RM of Portage La Prairie, and the PRRA would be allowed to go ahead with legal actions against the “builders” of Stride Place, and all the infamous problems that have arisen since its erection? I for one am happy that it is going ahead of course. But in having this document brought to my attention I got to look over this rather lengthy decision and was astounded to read on pages 47 and 48 there listed, 14 ‘deficiencies’ in the building that are not going to be allowed to be brought forward in the action and for an interesting reason? The following is Justice Edmond’s quote on this matter,

“The applicants knew or ought to have known of numerous problems and deficiencies which existed prior to September 1, 2015, and leave is not granted to advance any claim respecting those deficiencies including:” And Justice Edmond proceeds to list those 14 deficiencies that should have been known about.

And so the question arises, where were all the inspections and inspectors when this building was being put up all those years ago? I for one am an avid user of the facility. I love it. But so many saw those deficiencies years ago after it first opened. So where were all the inspections and inspectors that could have prevented these ‘deficiencies’ from happening all those years ago and saved us all these heartaches, and money today?

As taxpayers we have a right to know just what the two years wait for this to even get to this point has cost us in legal fees and also what the cost of these 14 deficiencies that will not be allowed to go forward in the suit will end up costing us?

Ron Stewart

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