Waiting for museum explanation

To this date, people who love the (Fort La Reine Museum) are still looking for the answers as to why a person who was so instrumental in turning the fortunes of this museum completely around was simply let go with no answer as to why other than the reasons are ‘personal and confidential?’

That wording has left it wide open to speculation throughout ‘coffee shops’ and elsewhere in our community. Tracey Turner deserved a “Thank you” not the innuendo and suspicions this has caused. And now, I am being told, ‘at this point Ron, why bother?’, ‘and who cares at this point, what is done is done?’

At what point do we as community stop questioning the decisions made by those who are holding elected positions making decisions that are supposedly in the best interests of us all as a community? We ourselves do not believe there is any time that you stop asking questions and being concerned about the community in which you live. Once you stop caring, it becomes an uncaring community and then anyone can make decisions like this without being held accountable to answer properly what is behind those decisions? I for one do not wish to see a community that goes in that direction.

Neither do we want to see a community that by its very ‘statements’ create a ‘whisper community’ because they won’t come right out and say what is really needing to be said? Fort La Reine Museum was doing just fine with Tracey Turner at the helm, it will open this season using her ideas and the exhibits she brought in…what other ideas she may have had for the museum and this season will now go on unrealized. To me that is sad, but maybe one day soon hopefully they will find a similar person with the right credentials to run it again and with the same or hopefully even greater successes? When will that happen?

Do we leave that decision up these same people?  Hmm?  Who cares?

Ron and Shelley Stewart 

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