A Message from the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

May 12, 2020 marks 150 years since Manitoba entered Confederation, a significant milestone in the great history of our province and our country.

As historians recognize, the path toward joining the Canadian dominion was not easy, but the shared vision, determination and strong belief in our province’s potential inspired our pioneers to stay the course toward achieving that historic status.

There is no doubt that staying the course has enabled us, since 1870, to grow in strength, numbers and reputation, while holding fast to the principles that continue to propel us forward. A renowned sense of community, prairie grit and ingenuity are enduring hallmarks of our provincial character, ones that have proven both invaluable and timeless as we celebrate this anniversary milestone.

Manitobans have a long history of stepping up and coming together to meet any challenges that affect our community. We know we are being tested again this year, not only in our province, but around the world.  Our citizens are rising to those challenges, working hard to protect the public and the province we are all proud to call ‘home.’

Until it is safe to meet in person, I encourage all Manitobans to stay safe, stay home and be kind to one another. All of the traits that have made us great as a province – hard work, commitment to community, inclusion – will help us resume our growth and development. Our resilience will lead us through.

I am so grateful that we – Manitobans – have chosen to follow the protocols recommended by our health officials. I want you safe, to celebrate today and in years to come.


The Honourable Janice C. Filmon, C.M., O.M.

Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

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