PRED promotes FB page

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PRED is asking for help in promoting the Island on the Prairies Facebook page.

PRED promotes FB page

The Portage Citizen

Now seriously promoting an Island on the Prairies, Vern May, executive director, Portage Regional Economic Development (PRED) now says ‘the sky is truly the limit’!

On March 14, May released data showing the Island on the Prairies Facebook page is connecting on social media.

“We launched the Island on the Prairies Facebook page on October 12, the morning after the brand reveal at the Glesby Centre,” said May in an e-mail message. “I am encouraged to see steady and continued growth of our following, with more than 1,425 followers at present. But what’s even more exciting is the engagement we are getting from these folks (likes, shares and comments) on our content.”

As of March 14, the Island on the Prairies Facebook page eclipsed 20,400 people reached within a seven-day period, “…and we’re not yet in the season when we will be heavily promoting our major events and attractions.

“If we can reach 20,400 people with 1,427 followers (14.3 X our following), imagine how many folks we could reach if we expand this to 7,000 followers (“likes”)? That could propel us to reach a six figure audience.”

Here’s what the PRED executive director says we can do to help: “Visit our Facebook page at click “Invite Friends” and encourage your contacts to check out what’s happening here in Portage.

“If you’ve already reached out to all of your contacts, you can help us continue to build momentum by liking and sharing posts that you like as it helps to extend them beyond our audience to even more folks online. The possibilities give me goosebumps!”

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