Listen to your anger and learn from it

There's a gap between the stimulus that causes anger and our response. We need to better assess the situation, then choose our response

Listen to your anger and learn from itEarly-20th century Australian nurse Elizabeth Kenny said, “He who angers you conquers you.” Anger is one of the most powerful human emotions and it has to be treated with tremendous care. It can be destructive but it can also help us to reach powerful insights. Though reasons for anger vary greatly from situation to situation…

Relax, everything is going to turn out just fine

Burning desires are tense; detachment is relaxed and open. Get what you want by stressing less about outcomes

Relax, everything is going to turn out just fineSome of the biggest conflicts we face are about the frustration we feel when we don’t follow through and achieve what we’ve set our minds on. This causes us to become prickly in our relationships and take our irritation out on others. When I first started working in law enforcement, there were all kinds of…

Let silence do the heavy lifting

Most business leaders don't share their problems and concerns even when they should. Here's how you can get them talking

Let silence do the heavy liftingBeads of sweat were dripping off his forehead as he looked at me and contemplated his answer. I’d just asked him what was holding him back from the success that seemed to elude him, even though he had been laying out the plans for months. I could see his mind turning, the beads of sweat…
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